Call for Papers – Challenges and Opportunities of the Digital Platform Economy


Platform work (or gig economy) is a global phenomenon that brings profound changes to work and commercial relationships in the most different economic sectors, business models and services. In Brazil, at least since 2015, the impact of digital platforms has grown, with a significant increase in workers mobilized by the sector. According to the IPEA (Brazilian federal government’s institute for applied economic research), in 2021 there were already more than 1.4 million Brazilians working with intermediation platforms for passengers and goods. The number is even higher when considering the digital solutions for cargo intermediation, real estate leasing and e-commerce. Although the dissemination of compulsory social isolation in Brazil due to Covid-19 has increased the impact and visibility of this sector, its existence not only predates the pandemic period, but also subsists in it, responding to the innovations produced by industry 4.0 and bringing opportunities and challenges to companies, workers, consumers and public management.

It is one of the missions of Revista do Serviço Público (RSP) to encourage the publication of high quality research on topics like this. The phenomenon of digital platforms is multifaceted and is undoubtedly a challenging subject for researchers in management and public policy, regulation and economics, to mention just a few. This call for papers seeks to fill these gaps.

In general terms, this call for papers expects to receive submissions that bring empirical evidence about the economy of digital platforms, that is, the “platformized economies”, addressing topics such as: a) regulatory and competitive challenges of digital platform companies; b) regulatory challenges of new labor relations; c) challenges of representation and social protection of platform workers; d) opportunities and challenges of algorithm-mediated management; e) cooperative and/or decentralized models of work platforming; f) impacts on urban space and road safety, g) public-private partnerships for sharing data for the design of public policies; h) information security, privacy and the Brazilian regulation concerning data privacy; i) solutions for fraud and crime; j) security for those in charge of the delivery, drivers, e-commerce promoters and consumers; l) consumer supervision.

Important information: (a) the new submission deadline is March 30, 2023; (b) articles in Portuguese, English or Spanish will be accepted; (c) in the submission process, the author(s) must choose the section “Edição Especial - Plataformas Digitais”.