Special Issue - Public policy evaluation and regulatory impact analysis


Enap (National School of Public Administration) has as one of its main roles to help the federal administration to establish a high level debate on public policies and regulations. 

Policymakers know that efficient policies and regulations must be built with focus on well-defined questions and scientific rigour in answering these questions. This is the main motivation of this special issue of RSP. We invite submissions on one of those two main areas:

(a) Brazilian Public Policy Evaluation (ex ante or ex post);
(b) Brazilian Regulatory Impact analysis (RIA) (ex ante or ex post).

It is important to note that, for this special issue, only submissions in English will be accepted. In addition, when submitting, the "Special Issue Public Policy and Regulation" section must be chosen.

Submissions are now open. Articles will be accepted until June 30, 2021.

For further questions specifically regarding this issue: claudio dot shikida at enap dot gov dot br. (Portuguese non-speakers can count on me with any help through the submission process).