Special Issue on Regulation - RegBR


Special Issue on Regulation - RegBR

Enap understands that debates on regulation should be data-driven. That is why we have published RegBR , the first national framework to centralize, classify and analyze regulations from the Brazilian government with open access to the raw database (see here).

Now, RSP special issue will receive submissions that make explicit use of RegBR (the raw data or the actual metrics or even some new proposed metrics) in a quantitative framework (e.g., econometrics, data science methods, etc.) in order to advance our knowledge on Brazilian regulation. 

For this special issue, only submissions in English will be accepted. In addition, when submitting, the "Special Issue - RegBR" section must be chosen.

Submissions are now open. Articles will be accepted until September 30, 2022.

For further questions specifically regarding this issue: claudio dot shikida at enap dot gov dot br. (Portuguese non-speakers can count on me with any help through the submission process).